About Us

This site means to give all of you the direct exhortation and experience you require about thebagpacker and will endeavor to help answer the a huge number of inquiries that maturing explorers, for example, yourself, have turning through their head. I know as a matter of fact that it is so overwhelming to go, to plan to go or notwithstanding considering going. I need to help answer the inquiries I attempted to discover and disperse a portion of the legends I read and heard before I went.

This site is about unadulterated satisfaction for me. I adore talking about my movements with individuals and get extremely energized for individuals when they reveal to me they are going. I will likely motivate individuals to simply go and do it carry on with your life, and additionally giving more experienced voyagers counsel and stories from our encounters.

Thebagpacker offers a free membership to a bulletin and different mailings. Supporters get thebagpacker data with respect to transport and universal proceeding onward a standard premise.

To furnish you with more pertinent data, your movement (snaps and demands) on the bulletin and mailers can be examined.